Summer Classics Case

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oldies but goodies


You can’t go wrong with these hot weather staples. I mean, is it even summer without them?


What's Inside:

📺 2017 Escort Pinot Gris (2): Tastes like lemon ice and afternoon soap operas (way more exciting than you’d think).


🍬2017 Fling Gewürztraminer (2): Tastes like watching your favorite rom-com with a king-size bag of Starbursts.


👖2018 Foreplay Chardonnay (2): Tastes like the perfect creme brulee, the kind you get at fancy pants french restaurants.


🍒2017 Tease Riesling: Tastes like diving headfirst off the highest platform into a pool of fruit cocktail.


☀️Bareback Sweet White: Tastes like a pacific cooler flavored Capri Sun, but for grown-ups.


🏞 Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White (2): Tastes like eating a package of fruit snacks on your favorite day hike.


🍋Naked Pinot Gris (2): Tastes like lemon head candies and spending all day floating in a high alpine lake.