Rip 2020 Dreams

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pour one out for...

This bundle has been really helpful for our grief process here on team Naked so we thought we’d share it in case it’ll help you too! Pour one out for…


⛷ Après Rosé

  • Pour one out for the missed spring ski days.
  • Pairs well with daydreams of snow, sun, and Pit Vipers.

👑 Diva Sangiovese

  • Pour one out for the canceled Beyoncé tour dates
  • Pairs well with Lemonade on repeat, dancing in the living room and a Disney+ subscription.

🍆 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Pour one out for all the pre-quarantine Bumble matches
  • Pairs well with the “lower back massager” you ordered on Amazon and re-watching episodes of Outlander.

🎟 General Admission Chardonnay

  • Pour one out for your summer concert series. (You’ve been issued a front-row ticket to the sh*t-show instead)
  • Pairs well with living room mosh pits, singing to your plants and wine without the mark-up.

🌻 Wild & Free Pinot Gris

  • Pour one out for… Well, this one's pretty self-explanatory.
  • Pairs well with getting out of town, away from crowds, and camping literally anywhere you find a free patch of dirt.  

👋 Making Waves Albariño

  • Pour one out for the homies you haven’t been able to see in FOREVER and all the wedding hookups you missed.
  • Pairs well with air hugs, tie-dye (everything), sourdough starters, and creative dating.

What's Inside: The bundle comes with one of each of these wines, plus a humorous insert to guide you through wtf is happening this year.


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